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Covid-19 update

WEAG is continuously monitoring the situation with regard to Corona-virus, our principal objective being the safety and well-being of our members, visitors and students. In line with most similar organisations, we currently cannot hold meetings in the normal venue, and our Archaeology activities have been temporarily suspended.

However in order to maintain contact with members, and to continue to offer our usual presentations, a schedule of lectures have been organised that can be attended on-line. For further details see the EVENTS page.

Past Activities

A summary and photographs of the activities can be found in the Copped Hall Archaeology 2018 Report. TO CORRECT

The final Experience Weekend of 2017 provided an introduction to Geophysics techniques – a report on the Geophysics techniques and results is available to view. TO CORRECT

The next lecture meeting

Monday 8th March 2021 AGM followed by ‘The Roman pottery manufacturing site in Highgate Wood and the Imperial Procurator in Londinium. Can we find a connection?’ by Harvey Sheldon, Birkbeck College, WEAG President.

Details of recent and upcoming talks can be found on the ‘Events’ page

Non-members are welcome to attend the talks – voluntary contributions are appreciated.

Archaeology Experience Weekend – gift to friend

Are you looking for a different sort of gift for a friend or relative? Then why not treat them to an Archaeology Experience Weekend in July for only £60. Vouchers are now available. To purchase them please contact our Treasurer.