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Archaeology at Copped Hall in 2018

The Archaeology Experience Weekends

The Copped Hall Trust Archaeological Project 2018 series of Archaeology Experience Weekends kicked off on Saturday 14th July. Below are some pictures of the trench and the work being done on the Tudor staircase between the upper and lower lawns.

Participants on the 1st Experience Weekend starting work on the staircase trench

The attendees on the first Archaeology Experience Weekend starting the clean-up of the trench containing the remains of the Tudor staircase.

Guidance for participants in the details of excavating

Some of the participants getting advice on the details of excavating the staircase.

Close-up on work in the staircase trench

A close-up on the careful excavation of the base layers of the staircase, to investigate its structure and constituents.

Director Lee giving his view on the history of the staircase

Director of the weekends, Lee Joyce, is here giving a presentation on the possible history, phasing and structure of the staircase, based on the archaeological evidence uncovered so far.

Attendees on the second weekend working on the staircase

The team working on the staircase during the second Experience Weekend.

Victorian land-drain running down from the upper lawn

One unexpected item that was uncovered was this Victorian land-drain running down the bank just below the surface, from the top of the retaining wall to below the path that ran across the bottom of the staircase.

Round-up by the team about what they had found

At the end of the weekend there was a round-up by the team members about what they had been doing, what they had found and how they interpreted it.

The Field School

The Field School continued the work done during the members dig, earlier in the year, on the foundations and walls to the west of the house cellars in the rose garden trench.

View across the rose garden trench showing the walls and foundations outside the house.

View looking across the rose garden trench showing the walls and foundation found outside the house, with the walls of the cellars under the straw bales in the background.

The outer side of the garden wall structures.

The outer side of the complex garden wall and pillar structures on the West side of the Rose garden. The walls of the cellars are covered by the straw bales in the background.

Excavating the Southern end of the garden wall and pillar.

Carefully excavating the Southern end of the garden wall structure, with a related support pillar and possible pebble path surface next to it, in the foreground.

Looking North along the garden wall across the complex outer structures.

Looking North along the garden wall across the complicated foundations, pillars and brick structures on the West side of the wall. The gap in the yew hedge in the background looks towards where the front of the Tudor mansion was sited.

Excavating the brick drain in the walkway next to the garden wall.

Carefully excavating the surface of the brick drain under the walkway next to the garden wall. Also visible are several of the related support pillars and a vertical brick drain in the background, with a substantial brick structure going off to the left.

Excavating inside the brick structure to the West of the garden wall.

Excavating inside the substantial brick structures on the West side of the garden wall. The thickness of the wall can be clearly seen, with various courses being at different angles and alignments, suggesting that construction may have been in several phases.

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